ACM Multimedia 2002 Video Program

The ACM Multimedia 2002 Conference also includes a video program. Two types of videos have been selected:

A CD-ROM containing the Video program will be distributed to the participants of the conference. If possible, the videos will be displayed during the conference itself.

List of Video Demonstrations

VD1 Construct 3D Hannes Kaufmann
VD2 The Immersive Cockpit Wai-Kwan Tang, Tien-Tsin Wong, Pheng-Ann Heng
VD3 A Hitchcock Assisted Video Edited Night at the Opera John Doherty, Lynn Wilcox, Andreas Girgensohn
VD4 TheWSML System: Web-based Synchronization Multimedia Lecture System Kuo-Yu Liu, Natalius Huang, Bo-Hung Wu, Wei-Ta Chu, Herng-Yow Chen
VD5 Body Brush Horace Ip, Young Hay, Alex Tang
VD6 Interactive Guide to Valencia Jose Gil, Ana Pont, Emilio Forcen
VD7 YIMA: Real-Time Multimedia Storage and Retrieval Roger Zimmerman, Cyrus Shahabi, Kambiz Ghahremani
VD8 Post-hoc worknotes: A concept demo of video content management Ola Andersson, Elenor Cacciatore, Jonas Lowgren, Thomas Lundin

List of Video Figures

VF1 Missing Data Correction in Still Images and Image Sequences Raphael Bornard, Emmanuelle Lecan, Louis Laborelli, Jean-Hugues Chenot
VF2 Creating Music Videos using Automatic Media Analysis Jonathan Foote, Matthew Cooper, Andreas Girgensohn
VF3 FLYSPEC: A Multi-user Video Camera System with Hybrid Human and Automatic Control Qiong Liu, Don Kimber, Jonathan Foote, Lynn Wilcox, Chunyuan Liao, John Doherty

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