ACM Multimedia 2002 Technical Program

The Technical Program will take place from Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002 to Thursday, December 5th, 2002. A preliminary version of the schedule is available.

Sunday, Dec 1st Tutorials, day 1
Monday, Dec 2nd Tutorials, day 2
Tuesday, Dec 3rd Technical Program, day 1
Wednesday, Dec 4th Technical Program, day 2
Thursday, Dec 5th Technical Program, day 3
Doctoral Symposium
Friday, Dec 6th Workshops

The core of the ACM Multimedia 2002 Technical Program are the technical sessions where technical papers are presented by their authors. Those papers have been selected by the Conference Program Committee among the (very) large number of submissions that have been received. This drastic selection was operated after a very detailed review of the submissions, with the objective of giving to the conference attendants the most interesting information on the current status of Research and Development in Multimedia.

Beside the oral presentations, the technical program also includes:

The following technical papers have been selected for oral presentation in the technical sessions of the conference:

  1. Rate Adaptation Transcoding for Precoded Video Streams "Zhijun Lei; Nicolas Georganas"
  2. Experiences with Building Middleware for Audio and Visual Networked Home Appliances on Commodity Software Tatsuo Nakajima
  3. Learning-based Linguistic Indexing of Pictures with 2-D MHMMs "James Wang; Jia Li"
  4. Embedded Audio Coding (EAC) With Implicit Auditory Masking Jin Li
  5. Cost-Effective Streaming Server Implementation Using Hi-Tactix Damien Le Moal
  6. Temporal-Axis Personalization Techniques for Streaming Advertisement Delivery "Takashi Oshiba; Yuichi Koike; Masahiro Tabuchi; Tomonari Kamba"
  7. Achieving Effective Floor Control with a Low-Bandwidth Gesture-Sensitive Videoconferencing System Milton Chen
  8. PicToon: A Personalized Image-based Cartoon System "Hong Chen; Lin Liang; Yan Li; Yingqing Xu; Heung-Yeung Shum"
  9. Speaker Change Detection and Tracking in Real-Time News Broadcasting Analysis "Lie Lu; Hong-Jiang Zhang"
  10. Multimedia Content Screening using a Dual Watermarking and Fingerprinting System "Darko Kirovski; Henrique Malvar; Yacov Yacobi"
  11. In-Home Access to Multimedia Content "Dario Teixeira; Yassine Faihe"
  12. Creating Music Videos using Automatic Media Analysis "Jon Foote; Matt Cooper; Andreas Girgensohn"
  13. Collages as Dynamic Summaries for News Video "Michael G. Christel; Alexander Hauptmann; Howard Wactlar; Tobun Ng"
  14. Efficient Acoustic Index for Music Retrieval with various Degrees of Similarity Cheng Yang
  15. Pixie: A Jukebox Architecture to Support Efficient Peer Content Exchange "Sami Rollins; Kevin Almeroth"
  16. FLYSPEC: A Multi-User Video Camera System with Hybrid Human and Automatic Control "Qiong Liu; Don Kimber; Jon Foote; Lynn Wilcox; John Borezcky"
  17. Digital Image Watermarking for Joint Ownership "Huiping Guo; Nicolas Georganas"
  18. Detection and Removal of Lighting & Shaking Artifacts in Home Videos "Weiqi Yan; Mohan Kankanhalli"
  19. Cross-Media Correlation: A Case Study of Navigated Hypermedia Documents "Herng-Yow Chen; Wei-Ta Chu"
  20. Interaction with Broadcast Video "Mounir Tantaoui; Kien Hua; Simon Sheu"
  21. IRW: An Incremental Representation for Image-Based Walkthroughs "David Gotz; Ketan Mayer-Patel; Dinesh Manocha"
  22. A Case for a Multi-key Secure Video Proxy: Theory, Design and Implementation "Siu Fung Yeung; John C. S. Lui; David K. Y. Yau"
  23. An MPEG Performance Model And Its Application To Adaptive Forward Error Correction "Ketan Mayer-Patel; Long Le; Georg Carle"
  24. Content-based Organization and Visualization of Music Archives "Elias Pampalk; Andreas Rauber; Dieter Merkl"
  25. A Teaching System of Japanese Sign Language Using Sign Language Recognition and Generation "Hirohiko Sagawa; Masaru Takeuchi"
  26. Painting with Looks: Photographic images from video using quantimetric processing "Steve Mann; Corey Manders; James Fung"
  27. Experiences in the design of the well, a group communication device for teleconviviality Nicolas Roussel
  28. A Pluggable Service-to-Service Communication Mechanism for Home Multimedia Networks "Jin Nakazawa; Hideyuki Tokuda"
  29. Multiple video object tracking in complex scenes "Andrea Cavallaro; Olivier Steiger; Touradj Ebrahimi"
  30. An Effective Region-Based Image Retrieval Framework "Feng Jing; Mingjing Li; Hong-Jiang Zhang; Bo Zhang"
  31. Multi-party Distributed Audio Service with TCP-fairness "Milena Radenkovic; Chris Greenhalg"
  32. Missing data correction in still images and image sequences Raphael Bornard
  33. Optimizing Hypervideo Navigation using a Markov Decision Process Approach "Romulus Grigoras; Vincent Charvillat; Matthijs Douze"
  34. An Attention Model for Video Summarization "Yu-Fei Ma; Lie Lu; Hong-Jiang Zhang; Mingjing Li"
  35. Retrieving actions embedded in video Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
  36. Tangible Viewpoints: A Physical Approach to Multimedia Stories "Ali Mazalek; Glorianna Davenport; Hiroshi Ishii"
  37. Tile Size Transformation Algorithms for Wavelet Image Transcoding Gateway "Masayuki Hashimoto; Kenji Matsuo; Atsushi Koike; Yasuyuki Nakajima"
  38. On the Choice of Similarity Measures for Image Retrieval by Example "Jean-Philippe Tarel; Sabri Boughorbel"
  39. VQ-Index: An Index Structure for Similarity Searching in Multimedia Databases "Ertem Tuncel; Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu; Kenneth Rose"
  40. DynDex: A Dynamic & Non-metric Space Indexer "Kingshy Goh; Beitao Li; Edward Chang"
  41. Cooperative Run-time Management of Adaptive Applications and Distributed Resources "Christian Poellabauer; Hasan Abbasi; Karsten Schwan"
  42. MAUI: A Multimodal Affective User Interface "Christine Lisetti; Fatma Nasoz"
  43. Portable Meeting Recorder "Dar-Shyang Lee; Berna Erol; Jamey Graham; Jonathan Hull; Norihiko Murata"
  44. A Utility Framework for the Automatic Generation of Audio-Visual Skims "Hari Sundaram; Lexing Xie; Shih-Fu Chang"
  45. Distributed Meetings: A Meeting Capture and Broadcasting System Ross Cutler
  46. A Programming Framework for Quality-Aware Ubiquitous Multimedia Applications "Duangdao Wichadakul; Xiaohui Gu; Klara Nahrstedt"

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