ACM Multimedia 2002 Short Papers and Posters

Below is the list of short papers and posters which have been accepted for presentation to the conference. Authors have been notified directly with a copy of the reviews.

2 Towards Universal Access to Content using MPEG-7
"Jose M. Martinez; Jaime de Ramon; Clara Garcia; Oscar Fernandez; Cesar Gonzalez"
4 Authoring 744: first results
"Jose M. Martinez; Luis F. Rubio; Francisco Moran"
23 A Set of Metrics for Evaluation of News-on-Demand Systems
"Jose Ramon Arias; Francisco Jose Suarez; Daniel Fernando Garcia; Xixu Xabiel Garcia; Victor Guillermo Garcia"
27 Multicast Streaming of Hierarchical MPEG-4 Presentations
"Vincent Roca; Christoph Neumann"
31 Task-oriented non-linear method for interactive hypervideo media editing systems
Vladimir Portnykh
32 A Real-time E-learning System Via Satellite Based on JMF and Windows Media
"Juan C. Guerri; Carlos E. Palau; Ana Pajares; Manuel Esteve"
36 Semantic Transcoding for Live Video Server
"Rita Cucchiara; Costantino Grana; Andrea Prati"
62 Lightweight Streaming Protocol (LSP)
"Emir Mulabegovic; Dan Schonfeld; Rashid Ansari"
63 Virtual IO: Preemptible Disk Access
"Zoran Dimitrijevic; Raju Rangaswami; Edward Chang"
65 MyLifeBits: Fulfilling the Memex Vision
"Jim Gemmell; Gordon Bell; Roger Lueder; Steven Drucker; Curtis Wong"
67 Performance visualization -- a new challenge to music through visualization
"Rumi Hiraga; Reiko Miyazaki; Issei Fujishiro"
69 A Framework for Video Scene Boundary Detection
"Jihua Wang; Tat-Seng Chua"
70 Scalable Media Streaming in Large Peer-to-Peer Networks
"Duc Tran; Kien Hua; Tai Do"
78 SIRSALE: a Large Scale Video Indexing and Content-Based Retrieving System
"Ahmed Mostefaoui; Loic Favory; Lionel Brunie"
81 Mining Video Editing Rules in Video Streams
"Yuya Matsuo; Miki Amano; Kuniaki Uehara"
83 A Synchronization method for Real Time Surround Display using Clustered Systems
"Jeong-Dan Choi; Ki-Jong Byun; Byung-Tae Jang; Chi-Jeong Hwang"
84 Enabling Personalization Services on the Edge
"Xing Xie; Huajun Zeng; Wei-Ying Ma"
90 MPEG-7 Metadata Authoring Tool
"Jeewoong Ryu; Yumi Sohn; Munchurl Kim"
100 Adaptive Partitioning for Multi-Server Distributed Virtual Environments
"Rynson Lau; Beatrice Ng; Antonio Si; Frederick Li"
105 Interactive contents authoring system based on XMT and BIFS
Kyuheon Kim
107 Seamless Media Adaptation with Simultaneous Processing Chains
"Darren Carlson; Andreas Schrader"
110 Annotations as Multiple Perspectives of Video Content
"Miguel Costa; Nuno Correia; Nuno Guimarães"
111 An Architecture to provide adaptive, synchronized and multimodal Human Computer Interaction
"Eric Blechschmitt; Christoph Strödecke"
114 Reusable Learning Objects: a Survey of LOM-Based Repositories
"Filip Neven; Erik Duval"
118 High Level Segmentation of Instructional Videos Based on Content Density
"Dinh Phung; Svetha Venkatesh; Chitra Dorai"
131 Measuring Capacity of Streaming Media Server in Utility Data Center Environment
"Ludmila Cherkasova; Loren Staley"
134 Assessing Face and Speech Consistency for Monologue Detection in Video
"Harriet Nock; Giridharan Iyengar; Chalapathy Neti"
136 An XMT API for Generation of the MPEG-4 Scene Description
YeSun Joung
139 Analysis of Scene Context related with Emotional Events
Hang-Bong Kang
141 Event Detection in Baseball Video Using Superimposed Caption Recognition
"Dongqing Zhang; Shih-Fu Chang"
142 Multimodal Affective Driver Interfaces for Future Cars
"Fatma Nasoz; Onur Ozyer; Christine Lisetti"
145 News Video Classification Using SVM-based Multimodal Classifiers and Combination Strategies
Wei-Hao Lin
150 Empirical Study of User Perception Behavior for Mobile Streaming
"Seungho Song; Youjip Won"
F1 Leveraging Non-Relevant Images To Enhance Image Retrieval Performance
Ashwin T. V. and Rahul Gupta and Sugata Ghosal
F9 Multi-Layer Recording as a New Concept of Combining Lecture Recording and Students™ Handwritten Notes
Jochen Lienhard and Tobias Lauer
F3 Application of Computational Media Aesthetics Methodology to Extracting Color Semantics in Film
Ba Tu Truong and Svetha Venkatesh and Chitra Dorai
F4 Learning and Inferring a Semantic Space from User’s Relevance Feedback for Image Retrieval
Xiaofei He , Wei-Ying Ma, Oliver King , Mingjing Li, Hongjiang Zhang
F5 An Integrated Baseball Digest System Using Maximum Entropy Method
Mei Han and Wei Hua and Wei Xu and Yihong Gong
F6 M-Studio: an Authoring Application for Context-aware Multimedia
Pengkai Pan, Carly Kastner, David Crow, Glorianna Davenport

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